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Located in Providence, Rhode Island, Studio1011 is a full service design and marketing agency offering a broad range of capabilities including: brand development, exhibit design, exhibit production, interactive website design, multimedia development, print design, and trade show program management.

For ten years, Studio1011 has provided design and marketing solutions to businesses in various industries: automotive, aviation, health care, juvenile products, technology, and more. It is this diverse experience that is the driving force behind our approach to creative solutions. Our award winning design team has a unique focus that begins and ends with respect for the brand, its culture and marketspace.



Our process begins with a fundamental understanding of the brand, its audience, and marketplace. We establish a platform of design criteria relative to all aspects of the brand language.


•  Market Perception

•  Competitive Landscape

•  Brand Hierarchy

•  Key Differentiators

•  Overall and Individual Marketing  Objectives and Programs


Based on this platform, we explore and build a visual language that emphasizes key attributes that maximize resonance in a clear and tangible manner.



Studio1011 has developed a unique series of creative visualization tools that streamline and enhance collaboration. We provide conceptual simulations that represent all aspects and media relating to the experience from a multi-faceted development platform.




Studio1011 has provided creative solutions to a variety

of industries and markets. Through the years we have established and cross-pollinated design and technological practices that have been consistently ahead of the trend.




Our expertise in interactive development, multimedia

and web design gives us a broader perspective from which to work. We understand that any design solution begins

and ends with the fundamentals of branding and messaging.




Our technical staff is uniquely poised to integrate new

and evolving digital technologies as a seamless extension

of our creative process.